Our students learn how to deal with uncertainty.
Our duty is not to prepare them for a specific kind of future but teach them how to adapt to constant change.

We all live life based on incomplete data and imperfect resources.

Yet we should dream, decide, take action, move forward.

children explore adventure

What is the single most important trait of happy, successful people?
Taking initiative: being curious, questioning the status quo, deciding for oneself, exploring, finding your own way.

However, in most schools, students learn to follow orders, to be helpless without direction...

Self-reliant students 👉 Thriving adults

Our Approach

Each child learns at a different pace and has different interests, strengths and weaknesses.

Learning at Brilliant Grades is individualized.

We offer one-on-one and small group sessions, creating custom learning plans for each child based on distinctive learning profiles and goals.

We offer individualized learning in all subjects for all grades, university-level courses, and more.

When it comes to academic advancement, we go far beyond simply test preparation.

We seek to enhance, and even entirely reshape how a student thinks about each subject.

Our focus is holistic, and our priority is to support child-led interests and activities. Our tutors mentor, question, and encourage.

First, we work with families to identify learning objectives and hit their goals through our 12-Point Assessment and tailored Plan of Study. Our individualized curricula form the core of the program.

Learning involves discussion and analysis in small groups and one-on-one discussions, both formally and informally. Our students also participate in projects, experiments, lectures, creative work, art, writing, and workbooks.

For us, every student learns differently.

We carefully monitor and optimize their learning progress as each child advances, giving special attention to the unique learning style, how to effectively engage and inspire the student, and what the individual progress suggests moving forward.